What is Life Dream?

Life Dream is an exploration game about drugs. And that's it.
It was made in a week back in 2013, after I found some problems in finishing the game I was working on. I had no idea about what was the game going to be like, I just made it in order to lose a bit of my time in game developing.

As a final result I got the game: a trip into the mind of a drug addicted guy. The game is quite strange and inspired by LSD: Dream Emulator , so there are few scenes when you can walk and explore the place until you get bored and decide to go to the next scene by touching trigger objects.

Are you the only who knows this game?

At this point you maybe asked 'okay, you made the game. Someone ever played it?'.

This is a good question, but the answer is yes.
Several months after I released the game the great Wixspin made this video on which he also plays Life Dream. And I'm grateful still today for that.

Also on twitter appeared a tweet about it.

What's changing with Life Dream 2?

Well, let's say.. everything.

Starting from the fact that this time the game is made and built by you.
Unlike Life Dream 1 this chapter isn't about drugs but just about dreams and related experiences. This time more than an experience it's an experiment: we plan to create the largest playable dream database in the history of games.

The game features:
-A 'new' old-style graphics system, with low poly models to give it a more dark and strange style.
-A larger number of playable levels, increased by your dreams
-A better use of ingame FX
-More things to see and more things to doo
-A storyline to link all of the users dreams.

All of the dreams you'll play in this game are real. Your dream will never be censored, except of course in case of illegal things and materials.
Every week we update the game with at least 1 new user dream and with more dreams if there's enough feedback.