Now it's your time!

Welcome to the interactive part of the website.
You just saw what was the old game like and now it's time to decide what will Life Dream 2 be like. The amazing thing about Life Dream 2 is the fact that it's fully made by your ideas and dream stories, we're building I think the biggest dream experience of the videogames history and I'm sure you'll think about telling us one of your dreams and helping us making the game.

How should I help?

In the form below you find all the information we need to make your dream come true (in the game).

We'd like you to write your name (or nickname better), a short Dream Title (no more than 50 words), your e-mail address (required if you want to be notificated once the dream is made), your country (if you like), and last but not least the Dream description, in which you can describe the dream (you have 1000 words), you can write links to images or other documents that may help us and anything else you want.

But, hey, it's not finished: we're planning to add a file system so that you can directly upload your content (models, textures and anything else) to be included in the game.

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